Account possibilities

The account takes place on basis of the law about the compensation of the lawyers (RVG).

However, I am also available to you for the conclusion of an individual fee agreement. Besides, I offer to you individual regulations which are orientated by the peculiarities of the individual case.

Payment methods

Before I start to work, the payment of an advance on costs is indispensable. After the ending of the work, you will get a bill about the entire activity,taking into account the performance achieved so far.

The payment of the advance / the bill can be effected either by transfer or in cash. For the case that you wish a payment in cash this would be noted on the bill and you will of course get a receipt..

Concerning Legal aid and consultation costs

Your financial possibilities do not allow you to be able to finance a legal advice or to lead a judicial process? - Then you can apply at the district court of your domicile for consultation costs or for legal aid.

For further details, please have a look at the sides "consultation costs" and "legal aid" of my homepage.