Consultancy assistance

In the case that you exclusively first of all need a legal advice without a judicial law case, you can apply for consultation help .

Discussion help gets who would get the individual and economic presuppositions for legal aid without payment by installments in case of a process(lawsuit).

The consultation help is applied in all rule at the district court in whose district the right-searching has his domicile, this also applies to affairs in which later, in case of a process, another jurisdiction would be responsible.

In the case of the financial requirements, the District Court shall issue a "certificate of entitlement", against which you may - with few exeptions - call in any lawyer.


In a lot of cities the district courts have established consultation days. You can ask for further information the district court. On these days, lawyers who are ready to be appointed directly to the magistrate's office are directly in charge of the consultation.


According to § 2 of the advisory aid law, counseling assistance can be granted in almost all legal areas. Exceptions to this rule are the taxation of other institutions, which provide - free of charge - legal support (eg the tax offices, tax administration associations and tax consultants). In a criminal or administrative offense procedure one can obtain advice on the advisory assistance, however, no letters to the opponent (or the persecution authority) are produced at the expense of the state fund.



You must complete this application yourself and send it to the court of your place of residence, together with the necessary documents (in duplicate).


You can find the district court responsible for you here by entering your postal code:;jsessionid=651D6232F6AFB4DAB362E3FA14D7122F

I can advise you on the application and the necessary documents.

However, such advice can not be provided free of charge; The RVG. The payment for this consultation can be paid either in advance as an advance by transfer or on the day of the consultation by you in cash. This payment is necessary since this advice is not included, even if authorization is given or legal aid is granted.