Major deadlines

In Germany we have quite a lot of time limits that can already only lead to a legal loss if you miss the deadline. That is why it is important to keep them to avoid additional payment requirements. It is therefore important to contact as early as possible a lawyer to avoid a neglect of the term.

Hereafter, the most important terms are listed.

  • You get a default summons or enforcement answer (" yellow envelope "). The opposition      (against default summons) or the objection (against enforcement answer) is to be inserted within 2 weeks.
  • You get a penalty notice. The  time for appeal amounts is to 2 weeks
  • You were defeated (completely or partly) in a process. An appeal (appeal or      revision) may be lodged within one week
  • You have got the cancellation by your employer. The complaint term amounts to 3 weeks from access of the cancellation.
  • You get a (harmful) official  answer. The opposition or complaint term amounts to 1 month from access of the answer or opposition answer amounts.
  • general period of limitation - 3 years (beginning as a rule from the end of the year in which the claim      appeared)

The enumeration raises no claim to completeness! Particularly concerning the limitation, other terms exist (also shorter)! Contact with regard to the limitation of claims currently a lawyer, so that it does not come to a limitation of the claim.