Online legal advice

I offer you the possibility of individual legal advice via Internet.

The online legal advice is a simple and uncomplicated possibility to inform itself quickly about own legal situation without agreeing on appointments or having to accept complicated journeys. This form of the legal advice offers you the possibility to contact me at every time of day and night and to get an expert opinion of high-quality legal advice within fewer days.

The account:

The account takes place on basis of the law about the compensation of the lawyers (RVG). I am also at your disposal for the conclusion of an individual fee agreement. Thereby, I offer individual hours regulations or overall regulations depending on the peculiarities of the case.


The process:

1. Inform me by using the contact form (see below) of all necessary information for a online legal advice. Explain the circumstances and your questions as detailed as possible.

1a) should be necessary for me to get more information for a qualitatively high-quality legal advice, I will inform you by E-mail, asking if necessary to send additional documents (for example the concerning contract) via E-mail or fax. Farther you get a power of attorney by E-mail or if necessary by fax.

1b) Please Answer as detailed as possible to my demands and send if necessary the demanded documents via E-mail or fax! Please send also the signed power of attorney and pay in advance the costs by means of transfer.

2. After payment entrance of the advance on costs, I will check your request in legal respect and work out the statement, as required with or without an expert opinion test.

3. You will get by E-mail (as a PDF file) or by fax my statement (with or without certificate - as desired) and the concluding bill for my work. With this bill the advance on costs already paid is credited of course by entire height!


Variant No 1:

In the statement without expert opinion test I will certainly check the legal judgment and of course also everything legally, but you do not get this test. You will rather get exclusively my statement in which I inform you of the results of the test.

Variant No. 2:

In the statement with expert opinion test, you get the detailed legal certificate, as well as a summarizing statement. However, this form of the statement is more expensive because the certificate is constructed more in detail and more understandably for you than in the variant No 1.